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Book 6: Riding Hard

Please note that pub dates are tentative until otherwise stated!

Kyle Malory, champion bull rider, falls on his butt in the ring, to be pulled to his feet by a rodeo clown with a beautiful face under all that makeup.

He recognizes Anna Lawler, the local vet, who has moved back to Riverbend to take over the large-animal practice. She’s a small woman but Kyle has seen huge bulls and mean cowboys back down from her.

Kyle’s fall injures him enough to take him out of the running for the season. The only fun he has convalescing is calling the vet to look after the animals–any animal–on the Malory ranch, so Anna will come over. He and Anna clash over everything, but Kyle can’t seem to resist her.

Anna worries about her growing attraction to Kyle, who’d ignored her growing up and who has buckle bunnies throwing themselves at his feet. 

But when Kyle sends her a challenging bet, the forfeit being a night out with him, with all the works, Anna isn’t sure whether she wants to win or lose …

The Details

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Published: May 2019