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He’s out! Bad Wolf a short novel in the Shifters Unbound series (19 chapters) is out today!!! For a special introductory limited-time price of 99 cents!

Find Bad Wolf everywhere e-books are sold–it’s also available in print, and audio is on its way!

Order from: 
Amazon (e- and print)


Lion Eyes, the previous entry in the series, is now available in print (it’s in e- in the boxed set Dark and Damaged, and will be released on its own a few weeks from now).

Order from: 
Barnes & Noble

Plus … White Tiger, the next full-length novel in the Shifters series is ready for pre-order!

Find it here:

The cover is *gorgeous*! I can’t wait to show it off to you.



Cowboys Last All night is Here! For just 99 cents!!

Available worldwide at Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and All Romance Ebooks!
Amazon Kindle:
BN Nook:
All Romance eBooks:

My book in this set is Adam, Book 1 of a brand new series called Riding Hard.

Riding Hard follows a family of five brothers (the Campbells, four related, one adopted), who are stunt riders, training horses and other riders in their ranch in Hill Country, Texas.

Adam has made it big, becoming the most sought-after stuntman in Hollywood, but an accident that kills his best friend sends him home to lick his wounds. There he finds Bailey, the girl who’d set him on his feet long ago and helped him follow his dream. Except the shy, book-smart girl has blossomed into a beautiful woman. Can she help Adam get back on his feet again?

Riding Hard: Adam will be out exclusively in the Cowboys Last All Night set for a while, and then released on it’s own, in e- and print March 10.

(Bear Attraction is releasing in February, and I didn’t want to run into that)

Adam will be up for preorder by itself in Feb.

I plan to have Book 2, Grant, out in March as well.

I hope you enjoy this new series!! It is fun, fun to write, and I love this family!