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Ordering Information

To order free goodies from Jennifer Ashley / Allyson James, send a SASE to:

Jennifer Ashley
18631 N. 19th Ave
Suite 158-211
Phoenix, AZ 85027

How much postage on your SASE?
About four bookmarks or six trading cards can be sent for one U.S. “Forever” stamp in a regular (#10) envelope (that’s the oblong ones). Add another stamp for every multiple of four bookmarks or six trading cards.

We’re finding that a 5″x7″ or 6″x9″ manilla envelope — padded is best for pens to prevent rips in the package. Use two “Forever” stamps return postage to be safe.

Book plates
One “Forever” stamp will ship from 1 to 10 book plates. Please add another stamp for 11 and up.


Postcards are 5″x7″ unless otherwise noted. At least a 6″x8″ manilla envelope will be needed for those. Postage: figure 1 stamp for one or two, 3 for four, etc. The postcards are beautiful!

Book Covers
Book covers need an 8″x10″ or 9″x12″ manilla envelope. Figure on 2 stamps for one cover, 3 or more up from there. Book covers get heavy fast!

Turnaround time
Figure a couple of weeks from when you send the order.

To Order
Scroll down and look at the goodies listed. Indicate on a sheet of paper with your SASE or send Jennifer an email specifying what you want and the quantity of each. Also specify whether you want the item signed. She will assume you DO unless you tell her otherwise. Email orders will be filled when the SASE arrives.

book-platesBook Plate

Jennifer Ashley Book Plates

These peel from backing and stick on the inside of your books. I will sign my name.

If you want me to write something specific, indicate in your note with your SASE (#10 envelope).

One “Forever” stamp for 1 to 10 book plates.



Shifters Unbound Series:

Wild Wolf
Tiger Magic
Mate Claimed
Wild Cat


Highland Pleasures Series (The Mackenzies):

Wicked Deeds
The Duke’s Perfect Wife
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie & The Many Sins of Lord Cameron




Dragon Heat and A Covenant Garden Mystery

Trading Cards


Shifters Unbound
Graham, Tiger, Jace, Ellison, Eric
Front: Book Information
Back: Character Photo & Info


Tales of Shareem
Cards for each Tales of the Shareem hero by Allyson James
Front: Shareem series (general)
Back: Specific character and brief bio
* Exception: Justin–Front has book info; back has character and bio


A 5″x7″ or 6″x9″ manilla envelope — padded is best for pens to prevent rips in the package. Use two “Forever” stamps return postage to be safe.

Ink is black, and pens come in the following colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Charcoal, Green, Orange.

On your order, specify either “Jennifer Ashley or Allyson James (one or each)

Post Cards

firewalker-postcard lady-isabella-postcard

Currently Available: Firewalker Lady, and Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

Postcards are 5″x7″

Cover Flats / Book Covers


Cover flats are in limited supply. They need 8″x10″ or 9″x12″ envelopes, with two or three stamps (if you want two or more bookcovers, pls. use three stamps, increase as the number increases–these get heavy).

Please specify which book cover and whether you want it signed.

The titles currently available are:

  • Pride Mates
  • The Mad, Bad Duke
  • Penelope & Prince Charming
  • The Care & Feeding of Pirates
  • Immortals: The Redeeming
  • The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
  • The Pirate Hunter
  • Highlander Ever After
  • A Christmas Ball (anthology) (limited quantities)
  • Immortals: The Gathering
  • Confessions of a Lingerie Addict
  • Christmas Cards from the Edge (anthology)