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Coming Soon

Below are the upcoming books from Jennifer Ashley and Ashley Gardner.

Books by Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Ashley Gardner

Duke in Search of a Duchess

in Dukes by the Dozen

April 16, 2018

ALL NEW Regency novella in a collection by bestselling Regency romance authors, including Grace Burrowes, Anna Harrington, Eileen Dryer, Sabrina York, and many more! 

In “Duke in Search of a Duchess,” by Jennifer Ashley, the meticulous Duke of Ashford is dismayed when his children inform him they’ve asked the young widow next door to find Ash a new wife. Ash can’t think of a more appalling assistant than Helena Courtland, gossipy busybody he steadfastly avoids. But Helena sweeps into his home and his life before he can stop her, turning Ash’s precisely ordered world into a chaotic whirlwind.

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Riding Hard: Kyle

The Riding Hard series continues with Kyle Malory's story

Anna Lawler never knows quite how to talk to Kyle Malory, bull rider with warm green eyes. She’s not like the beautiful women who throw themselves at Kyle–she’s a vet, far more comfortable with animals than people. But when he’s hurt in the ring, Anna starts to discover the real Kyle behind the macho cowboy. When Kyle challenges her to a wager, Anna can’t resist taking the bet, even if the price is a night out with him, doing whatever he chooses. 

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Death in Kew Gardens

Below Stairs Mysteries, Book 3

June 2019

Kat and Daniel work to solve the murder of Lady Cynthia’s next door neighbor.

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Riding Hard: Ray

Ray Malory finds himself helping out a young woman who must restore and run a Riverbend B&B or forfeit her family’s property. 

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Death at Brighton Pavilion

Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, Book 14

Pub date TBD

Captain Lacey investigates the murder of a man at Brighton Pavilion, which might have been committed by Lacey himself.

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A Rogue Meets a Scandalous Lady

Mackenzies Book 11

David Fleming, Hart Mackenzie’s righthand man, meets a beautiful lady involved in a great scandal.

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» The Series

Leonidas the Gladiator Book 1

Book 1 of the Leonidas the Gladiator series

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A Mackenzie Yuletide / A Mackenzie Clan Christmas

November 2019

1898: The Mackenzies come together for another family holiday gathering in a brand new novella: A Mackenzie Yuletide.

A Mackenzie Yuletide and A Mackenzie Clan Gathering will be bundled together in PRINT for the first time in A Mackenzie Clan Christmas

(A Mackenzie Yuletide will be available as a standalone e-book or in print in Mackenzie Clan Christmas)

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Shifters Unbound: Book 12

Watch this space for information on the next Shifters Unbound book! Many stories left to tell.

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Spiritwalker (Stormwalker)

Book 7: Stormwalker

Janet and Mick battle supernatural forces and plan their wedding at the same time. Which will prove more challenging?

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More Books!


More Captain Lacey, Shifters, Stormwalker, mysteries, Mackenzies, and who knows what else!

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Also see the Ashley Gardner Mysteries website for the release schedule for The Captain Lacy Regency mysteries, including new books and novellas.