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Coming Soon

Below are the upcoming books from Jennifer Ashley and Ashley Gardner.

Books by Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Ashley Gardner

'Tis the Season

A Regency Christmas Anthology

October 23, 2018

Seven delightful Regency romance short stories to bring in the spirit of Christmas. Jennifer’s story: A First-Footer for Lady Jane.

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The Devilish Lord Will

Mackenzies: Book 10

January 2019

Will Mackenzie’s story (brother to Malcom and Alec of The Stolen Mackenzie Bride and Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction)

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» The Series

Death at Brighton Pavilion

Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, Book 14

February or March 2019

Captain Lacey investigates the murder of a man at Brighton Pavilion, which might have been committed by Lacey himself.

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» The Series

Death in Kew Gardens

Below Stairs Mysteries, Book 3

June 2019

Kat and Daniel work to solve the murder of Lady Cynthia’s next door neighbor.

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» The Series

Spiritwalker (Stormwalker)

Book 7: Stormwalker

Janet and Mick battle supernatural forces and plan their wedding at the same time. Which will prove more challenging?

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» The Series

Riding Hard: Kyle

The Riding Hard series continues with Kyle Malory's story

Kyle Malory’s story

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» The Series

Leonidas the Gladiator Book 1

Book 1 of the Leonidas the Gladiator series

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Riding Hard: Ray

Ray Mallory’s story

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» The Series

Shifters Unbound: Book 12

Watch this space for information on the next Shifters Unbound book! Many stories left to tell.

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More Books!


More Captain Lacey, Shifters, Stormwalker, mysteries, Mackenzies, and who knows what else!

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Also see the Ashley Gardner Mysteries website for the release schedule for The Captain Lacy Regency mysteries, including new books and novellas.