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Coming Soon

Below are the upcoming books from Jennifer Ashley and Ashley Gardner.

Books by Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Ashley Gardner

A Mystery at Carlton House

Book 12: Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries

March 21, 2017

Book 12 in the Captain Lacey Mystery series by Ashley Gardner. Captain Lacey is asked by both the Runner, Mr. Spendlove, and the Prince Regent to investigate thefts from the very heart of a royal residence.

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Riding Hard: Tyler

Book 4: Riding Hard

April, 2017

Tyler, the playboy Campbell brother, comes out of the wrong end of fight on a trip to Dallas but is rescued by a lovely woman who needs his help.

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Red Wolf

Shifters Unbound Book 10

May 2, 2017

Dimitri and Jaycee, Kendrick the White Tiger’s most trusted trackers, are asked to go undercover to infiltrate a group of Shifters who may be working to enslave them all. 

From the back blurb:
A man is only as strong…

Red wolf shifter Dimitri has fought his whole life for respect. It is claimed that red wolves are tainted with coyote blood and are therefore not pure. He may not be skilled at verbally defending himself, but as a bodyguard, tracker, and champion of the fight clubs, his fists are always ready for some rough and tumble. However, he’d prefer a roll in the hay with the woman who’s been his oldest friend.

…as the woman who’s got his back…

A spirited leopard shifter and a fellow tracker, Jaycee Bordeaux has no problem forging a mate bond with Dimitri, but soon the two are called to infiltrate a rogue group bent on enslaving Shifters. Jaycee may have defended Dimitri from taunts before, but they now face a more lethal danger—one that not only threatens the future of their people, but also their love.

The Austin Shifters, Kendrick and his crew, and the haunted house from Wild Things all make an appearance.

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Dragon Bites


June or July 2017

Janet, Gabrielle, and the dragons must rescue Mick from a deal with the devil he made decades ago, a debt that has suddenly been called.

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Alec Mackenzie's Art of Seduction

Book 9: Mackenzies

Tentative Pub Date, October 2017

Alec Mackenzie earns a living in exile as an art instructor, a cover for his search of several countries for his missing brother. Lady Celia, an Englishwoman who refuses to marry gentlemen her martinet mother chooses for her, is sent to Alec, the mysterious Scottish recluse, for drawing lessons–her family commands her to learn a skill if she’s put herself off the marriage mart. Alec decides that the courageous Celia needs to expand her talents in painting the human figure, especially that of the male …


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More Books!


Watch this space for even more books! 

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Also see the Ashley Gardner Mysteries website for the release schedule for The Captain Lacy Regency mysteries, including new books and novellas.