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Category: Riding Hard


As you might have heard, Grant, Riding Hard Book 2 is out! :-) Catch up with the folks in Riverbend, Texas, in the second of this new series! It’s out on all e-book platforms and in print!!

I have Book 3, Carter, planned for August or September (I have many things to write this year, and I’m busy coordinating it all) I will let you know when it’s up for pre-order! More about Carter’s book here:

I also have a narrator lined up to start audio books for the Riding Hard series. He sounds great. He’ll be starting those later this month–after that it takes a couple months to get the books turned around and out for sale. Stay tuned for more when I know it!

I’m also working on an anthology of short historical mysteries–along the lines of my Captain Lacey series, but different. I have a story set in the court of Louis XIV, a story set in Victorian London (sleuth is a young cook), and a Regency mystery with a touch of paranormal (very slight touch).

This anthology will be called Murder Most Historical, and be out in late May or June. For more on this, see its page at my Ashley Gardner website:



Well, a lot has happened since I last remembered to post. Let’s see:

1. Mate Bond (Shifters #7) is out, and a bestseller! It’s a book dear to my heart. (see for more information)

2. Grant: Riding Hard book 2 is up for preorder! (pub date May 5) (see  for more information)

3. Bad Wolf, a new Shifters short book is up for pre-order! (pub date July) (see for more information

4. I’ll be in a boxed set with other PNR authors in June! With yet another brand new Shiftes tale!

5. Working on … Stolen Mackenzie Bride, Thames River Murders (Captain Lacey Book 10), and Dreamwalker (Stormwalker Book 5). More when those are ready for pre-order.

6. Just re-released Eland and Jeanne–turned a very short story into a 36,000 word novella! (see for more information)

7. Am working on an anthology of historical mystery stories I wrote some time ago–more when theat’s ready to go (new characters, new settings)

I think that’s all for now. :-)