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Category: Print editions

Wild Things, the next Shifters short novel is on track to release March 22, in e- and print (audio to follow–narrator is currently working on it).

Preorder from:

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Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton is tired of the crazy feral living in his house, endangering him, his brothers, and his sweet auntie Cora. Ferals are Shifters who’ve reverted to the wild stage, forgetting all about the joys of pizza and satellite TV. Not to mention, Mason is sick of waking up to the feral’s rampages, one of which nearly killed him. The feral has been given sanctuary, so Mason can’t throw him out—the only thing to do is to find a way to cure him.

The problem is, Shifter healers—elusive, Goddess-touched Shifters who have the healing gift—are few and far between. Mason volunteers to go in search of one, and is sent to a psychic in New Orleans who might have an idea of where to start looking.

Mason doesn’t believe in psychics, but Jasmine, the psychic in question, seems to at least put on a good show. Jasmine believes in Shifters all right, but she vowed to never have anything to do with them.

The easiest way to get rid of the growly Lupine, Mason, is to help him, but Jasmine never dreams what that help will drag her into.

I hope you enjoy Jasmine and Mason!!


What’s better than a new Mackenzie release? THREE Mackenzie releases!!

September 1


First–The Scandalous Mackenzies. This is a PRINT (mass market paperback) that brings together Scandal and the Duchess and The Untamed Mackenzie.

Available in bookstores everywhere! Or order from the usual places:


September 29


The Stolen Mackenzie Bride

Meet Malcolm Mackenzie, the intrepid Mackenzie ancestor who started it all! He’s a bit like Cam, Daniel, and Ian rolled into one. Plus you’ll meet his brothers–another sexy Mackenzie family. Action, adventure, history, family, and a grand romance! In e-, print, and audio!


November 17


A Mackenzie Clan Gathering

In spite of its title, this book focuses on Ian Mackenzie and Beth, in an episode of their life together. Hart’s house is robbed, and Ian must discover the culprit before he threatens the whole family. Meanwhile, Ian is a bit distracted by an old friend of Beth’s who believes he’s found a cure for Ian’s “madness.” Revisit Ian and Beth, Hart and Eleanor, Inspector Fellows, and the younger generation in this brand new story.


I will have more announcements about forthcoming Mackenzie novels (beyond these) soon!