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Category: Pre-orders

The Devilish Lord Will (Mackenzies Book 10) is ready for pre-order! (WIll is the brother of Alec and Malcolm from The Stolen Mackenzie Bride and Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction).

Amazon (print and e-book)


Apple Books (iBooks)

Kobo and Google will be available closer to release day. Devilish Lord Will will be in Print, E-book, and Audio! Angela Dawe has agreed to narrate this one too. :-)

I chose a pub date of January 15 for a couple of reasons: 1) I can spend more time rewriting, editing, and polishing instead of throwing out a near-draft; and 2) it won’t get lost in the holiday crush.

I’m excited to add another episode to the Mackenzie saga!

(Do not worry, I am writing more on all my other series as well. See the Forthcoming page on my website for details.)

I finally have all the pre-order links for Ross (Riding Hard 5)–Out August 21!

Print from Amazon (will be available at other online bookstores after release date)

I also just finished listening to the audio book which is now processing and will be out on Audible near release date (Aug 21). I can’t do preorders for audio, so I’ll announce when it’s out. 

I had a great time being back in Riverbend, and I’ve already started Book 6 (Kyle). No pub date for Kyle yet, but I’ll let you know.