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Category: News

The Thames River Murders (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries) by Ashley Gardner

I am so incredibly thrilled that Thames River Murders it out!! Find it at the usual places:
Google Play
Print via Amazon (print book will soon be available at more vendors)

Thames River is already the #1 historical mystery at iBooks–very cool!

The series WILL continue! I’m already researching The Alexandria Affair, wherein Lacey and Grenville are able to take their long-anticipated trip to Egypt. Who knows what will ensue? When I know a pub date I will post it (along with pre-order links).

The series will continue after that as well. Lacey will have plenty to deal with after he return from his trip, of course. Once I have the next title determined, I’ll add it to the “Coming Soon” list, along with a pub date.

I’ve had many, many requests for more stories about Kat Holloway, the Victorian cook introduced in A Soupcon of Poison (available in the Murder Most Historical anthology). I will be writing and bringing out A Dollop of Death in the spring, continuing where things left off in Poison. I will also be releasing A Soupcon of Poison alone (outside the anthology), soon. (Unaltered, so if you have the antho, you have it already).

I am so very pleased how well the mysteries are going, better than I ever dreamed. Thank you for sticking by Captain Lacey all these years! Publishing has vastly changed since I first began these books, but Captain Lacey is still going.


I’m thrilled that The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is finally out in stores! It’s in e-book, print, and audio. :-)

Find at bookstores or online at:


I won’t go on and on about it–you can read an excerpt here:

Stolen Mackenzie Bride Excerpt

Lion Eyes (Shifters Unbound) is now available in audio! Find it at:



More Shifters

I’ve gotten a couple questions as to whether there will be more Shifter books. Yes! Next year will see 3-4 Shifters books–White Tiger, Guardian’s Mate (title is tentative), and a couple more (yet untitled). It’s Shifter time!!

This does not mean I will write nothing else. I have plenty of series to keep me busy. :-)