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Category: News

I finally have all the pre-order links for Ross (Riding Hard 5)–Out August 21!

Print from Amazon (will be available at other online bookstores after release date)

I also just finished listening to the audio book which is now processing and will be out on Audible near release date (Aug 21). I can’t do preorders for audio, so I’ll announce when it’s out. 

I had a great time being back in Riverbend, and I’ve already started Book 6 (Kyle). No pub date for Kyle yet, but I’ll let you know.

It’s out! Scandal Above Stairs released yesterday! It’s in print, e-book, and audio, with the same narrator who read Death Below Stairs.

You can order signed copies from

Poisoned Pen Mystery Bookstore

and regular copies at bookstores everywhere and online in the usual places:

Amazon (US):
Amazon (worldwide):

I just (Monday) turned in Book 3 of this series–I’ll let you know when there’s a title! Kat Holloway continues!