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Category: Mackenzies Series

Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction (Book 9 in the Mackenzies series) is now on pre-order! In Print and e-book! (Audio to come).

Kobo and Google coming soon

To refresh your memory, Alec is the brother of Malcolm from The Stolen Mackenzie Bride. They are the 18th-century ancestors of Ian Mackenzie and his family. I love writing in the 18th century. When I was working on my MA in English literature, I extensively studied the period and its writings, and I’m enjoying the heck out of setting books in this era. Lots of things going on everywhere!

The story begins with Ian Mackenzie up in the attics in Kilmorgan Castle, rifling through boxes of old journals and papers. He is sorting through them to put together a history of the family.

When Beth comes to find him, he tells her the story of Alec Mackenzie, Ian’s great-great-something uncle and how he travels to London in search of his brother Will, who went missing after the family escapes to France after Culloden.

It’s a dangerous time for Alec to be skulking around London but he fears for Will and will do anything to keep the family together. Lady Celia is the daughter of the man who might have captured Will and control his fate–can Alec pry information out of her in time to save his brother?

This book will be out in both print and e-book, and there will be audio as well. :-) I hope you enjoy this installment of the Mackenzies! There will be more to come.

Note: I can only do pre-orders for the paperback on Amazon, but after release day, the print book will be available at B&N and every site that picks it up. This is also a worldwide release in all formats.

I’ve updated the website to include information about several new books:

1) Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction: Out November 14, 2017 This will go on pre-order at the end of August! I plan to put this (full-length) book out in e-book, print, and audio, with our favorite narrator, Angela! (Alec Mackenzie is the brother of Malcolm from The Stolen Mackenzie Bride.) See for more information. 

2) Midnight Wolf: Out April 24, 2018. Pre-order links are up! In e-book, print, and audio! See for those links and more about the story.

3) Tiger Striped: Out in May, 2018. This novella was to have been part of a multi-author boxed set this year, but the set was canceled, I’m sorry to report. The action of Tiger Striped takes place after Midnight Wolf, so it’s more logical to hold on to it and release it in May, after Midnight Wolf.  I will have it up for pre-order once I get a cover, on iBooks and wherever I can set it up this far in advance. I will put this out in e-book and audio, and also print. See for more details on the story. It’s about Tiger!


The winning cover for Alec Mackenzie’s book. Thanks to all who gave me feedback!