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Category: Audio Books

Woo hoo! Guardian’s Mate hit the New York Times bestseller list at #12, and USA Today top 50!! I’m so thrilled! 

Thanks to everyone who took the chance on it. I so much appreciate all your support. More Shifters to come–Red Wolf, the next book, is already available for pre-order. (See for order links and more about that book.

Also, I see that Guardian’s Mate is up for pre-order at Audible now, as well as the publisher, Tantor Media.




Yay! I woke up this morning kind of cranky, but it turned into a great day! :-)


I’m going to try to be a little bit better about blogging–so much social media, so little time! My announcement today is that White Tiger is out in Audio! (Came out August 30).

Find it at:


In other audio book news, I received the files for A Death in Norfolk (Captain Lacey Book 7), so those should be processed and available in a couple of weeks! Also Guardian’s Mate (Shifters Book 9) will be coming out in audio at the end of this month (Sept 27).